new Iris2 stable release (build 2890)
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Author:  SiENcE [ Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:42 pm ]
Post subject:  new Iris2 stable release (build 2890)

Iris2 stable release (build 2890)

lots of small fixes an improvements

rough changelog since the last stable release :
* license changed to GPLv3
* upgraded to Ogre 1.6x
* luajit (just in time compiler) added to reduce cpu usage

* 2d: 2D Mode selectable from Char. selection menu (no config file editing needed anymore)
* 2d: cloak drawing order fixed (dependent on the direction in which the char is looking)
* 2d: hidden mobiles now hued grey
* 2d: transparent+animated water, and water-terrain fix (no more black holes in the ocean),
* 2d: fixed walk & run animations (chimera)
* 3d: fixed lumberjacking (tree targetting bugfix)
* 3d: fixed invisible teleporter/sparkle
* 3d: improved lighting

* support for importing Razor packetvideos and Razor hotkeys
* experimental options dialog for uo-automap connection, packetvideo recording, razor packet video (.rpv)
* “ctrl+shift” shows name gumps (objects,corpses,mobiles,…), for easier selection of stuff behind other things, can be closed by rightclick to dig trough piles (hold alt for corpses only)
* added some shortcuts for buying/selling at npc shop when pressing ctrl and/or shift (ctrl for inc/dec in 10ths, shift for all), “mousewheel”
* moblist : “alt+drag” opens healthbar

* reduced dublicate models (less disk space needed)
* itemcounter (top of window) allows item usage on “doubleclick”
* moblist (on the lower right) : maintarget indicator, playervendor detection using label hues to detect (preaos)
* implemented missing features : huepicker for dying tubs, simple book dialog (still ugly, but readable)
* itemcounter and spellbar improved
* paperdoll : fallback to cloak gfx, so items are selectable if loading the graphic fails (e.g. quiver)
* added and improved a few models (trees,missing roofs,crystals)* automatically uses 2d mode when the uo directory contains no models folder
* profiling options and some performance and memory optimisations (terrain,text,walk,mousepick,multis/customhouses…)

* fixed/improved spell particles (fireball,flamestrike,ebolt,magicarrow and several others)
importer and razor hotkey importer, opened via menubar or paperdoll options button
* fixed checkbox/radio gumps, now puzzle chest and serverside options dialogs using them should work correctly
* fixed bug in art loader for big images (mostly used on custom shards)
* fixed dreadhorn crash (hopefully, model bug, replaced by horse for now)
* material improvements for transparent parts (alpha to coverage: tree leaves, windows)
* fixed preaos tooltips and labels (vanquishing etc, e.g. on uogamers)
* fixed dragdrop on multi/customhouse floor
* text hue fixed
* fixed and extended login reject error messages
* fixed walk code (diagonals on uogamers)
* fixed npc shop bug

* a bunch of new commands for use in scripts and macros (MacroCmd_UseNearbyGate,Send_Target_Static,MacroCmd_FindNearestMobByArtID,MacroCmd_Item_FindNearByArtList, MacroCmd_AutoClickItems, GetMobileRelHP, MacroCmd_GetSmartTargetForLastSpell,MacroCmd_Item_FindNearCorpses,MacroCmd_GetPlayerEquipment , MacroCmd_DragAndEquip , MacroCmd_ListNonFriendlyPlayers , MacroCmd_GetNearestMobFromList , MacroCmd_DragDrop, MacroCmd_MiniHealCureSelf, MacroCmd_ListMobilesInRange,MacroCmd_ListMobiles(filterfun),MacroCmd_JobWaitForGumpWithKeyword MacroCmd_FindGumpByKeyword,MacroCmd_JobWaitForTarget MacroCmd_TargetLastNow MacroCmd_TargetSelfNow MacroCmd_WeaponAbilityPrimary MacroCmd_WeaponAbilitySecondary MacroCmd_TargetGroundNow MacroCmd_WalkInDir MacroCmd_UseRuneBookPreAOS MacroCmd_Item_FindNearByArtID, MacroCmd_OpenDoors, popup/context menu usage..)

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