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PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 2:08 pm 

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Okay, I'm not wanting to be pulled back into UO fulltime (ex-admin of a shard) but I would like to occasionally pop in and play.

The shard I admin'd and played is FULL of customs though, and it is pretty difficult to play if things like the maps aren't synced (for instance my character's house is in haven, but the fel map of haven in the tram facet, and there's a map-frozen building half-occupying my house! I think that's why I can't log in with certain chars too.

So, is it possible to add a directory of overrides, much as UOG did in the good old days, so when iris looks for file x, it checks the patch dir first, then the ML dir? I don't particularly want to manually patch the ml dir. At worst I guess I can script symlinks to an aggregated dir but I'd rather not have to.

Well, any help appreciated.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 4:25 pm 
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great you find the way to Iris2.

Yes "you" can ;).

If i remember correct, you can specify every file Iris2 needs in your Iris2/config/config.lua file.

So you can distribute your config to every player.

All you need todo is, take a look into config_declarations file: ... ations.lua

Don't change this file. Just take a look at Part "------------------------------ UO Files --------------------------".

gHuesFile       = "hues.mul"
gArtidxFile     = "artidx.mul"
gArtFile        = "art.mul"
gGumpidxFile    = "gumpidx.mul"
gGumpFile       = "gumpart.mul"
gStitchinFile   = "stitchin.def"
gSpeechFile     = "speech.mul"
gTiledataFile   = "tiledata.mul"
gTexidxFile     = "texidx.mul"
gTexmapsFile    = "texmaps.mul"
gMultiidxFile   = "multi.idx"
gMultiFile      = "multi.mul"
gSoundidxFile   = "soundidx.mul"
gSoundFile      = "sound.mul"
gAnimidxFile    = "anim.idx"
gAnimFile       = "anim.mul"
gAnimdataFile   = "animdata.mul"
gEquipconvFile  = "Equipconv.def"
gRadarcolFile   = "radarcol.mul"

gProftxtFile    = "Prof.txt"

gUnifontFile    = "unifont.mul"
gUnifonts       = "unifont"      -- abstract filename
gClilocbaseFile = "Cliloc.enu"   -- standard clilocfile
gCliloc         = "Cliloc."      -- without extension, name depends on gLanguage setting
gIntlocFiles    = "intloc%02d."  -- abstract filename (intloc names are generated)

gGrannyConfigFile= "Models.txt"
gGrannyPath     = "Models/"
gMusicConfigFile= "Config.txt"
gMusicPath      = "Music/Digital/"

Just put a line in your config and directly specify the path where Iris2 should search this file. If Iris2 don't find this file there, it falls back to normal UO directory.

gHuesFile               = "c:/custom/hues.mul"

i have to check this but i think i'm right. just try :-).


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