help wanted : tree model
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Author:  ghoulsblade [ Thu Dec 25, 2008 3:41 pm ]
Post subject:  help wanted : tree model

Hi !

we've started to organize our art needs, and there is one tree model placeholder that should be improved as it is used very often :

oak tree stem (0x4cdd) 2d-image and current model/placeholder

oak tree foliage(leaves) (0x4cde) 2d-image and current model

we'd need a new 3d model for that, the foliage should be a separate model from the stem.
Texture Sizes should be at least 256x256 each (stem+foilage), higher resolutions would be better.
Normalmap : not required, we won't be able to use it at first, but maybe add that at some point in the future.
Polycount : hard to say, shouldn't be too high due to performance, but it should still look good. maybe also highpoly+lowpoly version.

format : either blender file or ogre.mesh format (exporters)

license : we want to keep models open for modification and possible use by other projects, preferred license would
creative commons by-sa 3.0

notes : to keep the polycount for the small branches of the stem low, it might be a good idea to use hard-transparency planes/billboards inside the model (alpha rejection, but without soft-blending / semi-transparency)
like this : Image
(just an idea though)

another frequently used tree model that could use an improvement is this here (0x4cd7)
here we already have a simple stem that'll do, but we'd need a good foliage model for it. here transparency tricks might also be useful.

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